The office chair mechanism plays an important role in providing comfort and ergonomic support to users. This component allows the chair to adjust to the user’s posture and siting position. Reducing the risk of discomfort or injury associated with prolonged sitting.

The most common mechanisms found on office chairs is the swivel plate mechanism. Also known as the swing plate. This allows users to adjust the height of their chair to achieve a comfortable seat height. Typically, users achieve this by utilizing a lever or button conveniently positioned under the seat. Dentist and doctor chairs primarily employ this component however it is also used in various office chairs that do not necessitate a tilt function.

Swivel Plate With Gas Lever
Swivel Plate
Swivel & Tilt chair mechanism
Adjustable Swivel & Tilt

Another common mechanism is the swivel & tilt, which allows the chair to recline or tilt backwards. This provides a more relaxed position for the user. You can adjust the seat tilt to various degrees, from a slight tilt to a full recline.

Some office chairs also feature a synchro-tilt. This allows the seat and backrest to recline together at a preset ratio, maintaining a comfortable angle between the user’s back and thighs.

The Heavy-duty swivel & tilt are designed to support significant weight and endure frequent and intense use. It serves as an ideal alternative to the standard swivel & tilt, particularly for individuals with more weight or for control rooms where the office chair is constantly occupied by different personnel for 24 hours. The mounting positions align perfectly, simplifying the installation process and ensuring a long service life.

Heavy Duty Mechanism
Heavy Duty Swivel & Tilt

Furthermore other mechanisms include the seat slider, which allows users to adjust the depth of the seat to accommodate different leg lengths.

These components work together to provide users with a comfortable and ergonomic sitting experience, and can help to reduce fatigue, discomfort, and injury associated with prolonged sitting.

When an office chair mechanism malfunctions or needs maintenance, repair services can provide a cost-effective solution. Our skilled technicians assess the chair’s condition to determine if repair or replacement is best, ensuring the chair functions optimally for longer.

In summary, office chair mechanisms are vital for user comfort, ergonomic support, and reducing the risks of prolonged sitting. Understanding each mechanism’s benefits empowers users to choose the right seating solution for their needs.