Chair repair services in Gauteng. At Xeptor Technologies, we specialize in providing professional chair repair and refurbishment services to businesses and individuals in Gauteng. We also do the surrounding areas. With years of experience and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, make us your trusted partner for restoring the functionality and appearance of your office chairs.

Chair Repair Services in Gauteng
Public Seating Repairs Gauteng

Local Expertise: Our team of skilled technicians is familiar with the unique needs of businesses and individuals in Gauteng. Ensuring personalized and efficient chair repair solutions.
Community Engagement: We are actively involved in the Gauteng community. We take pride in serving our local customers with integrity and dedication.
Convenient Location: Our centrally located workshop is in Pretoria. Allowing for easy access and prompt service for clients throughout the Gauteng area.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: We stand behind our work and strive to exceed the expectations. This is applicable to all our customers with every chair repair project.

  • Chair Mechanism Repair
  • Chair Arms Repair
  • Wheel Replacement
  • Chair Base Repairs
  • Gas Cylinder Repair
  • Chair Frame Repair
  • Pedestal Repairs
  • Cupboard Repairs
  • Chair Foam Replacement
  • Chair Reupholstery
  • New Office Chair Sales
  • New Furniture Sales
  • Boxed Furniture Sales
  • Chair Component Sales
  • Custom Office Furniture

Where a chair has been used for extended periods the chair foam can be flat and hard to sit on. When reupholstering an office chair it is standard practice to replace the foam with quality durable foam to ensure comfort and a long lifetime. Out High Density foam is manufactured to ensure years of use.

From torn fabric to faded upholstery, we specialize in restoring your office chairs to excellent condition with expert chair reupholstery services.

Whether your chair frame is broken, cracked, or in need of reinforcement, we are capable to expertly repair and strengthen it to ensure durability and stability. Our quality treated timber ensures that your chair will last for years to come.

Chair Frame Repair
Chair Frame Repair Gauteng

Ready to restore your office chairs to their former glory in Gauteng? Contact us today to schedule chair repair services in Gauteng. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you and provide you with a quote for your repair project.