Home Office Ideas

As of late, we have been requested to assist with some home office ideas. We supply the desks and chairs but we are not always part of the installation. Sometimes we are lucky to get a photo of where its installed and get a feel of the customers environment, and sometimes we design and fit the complete solution.

So no better time for us to search and find some creative ideas for you. As every customer has their own space available, no project is the same. Without delay, here some are interesting ideas to get your imagination running.

Build a cloffice. What is a cloffice?

A very creative and compact office idea that is very popular in the United States. Basically a closet turned into a office. Working from home is increasing even after the pandemic and people are looking for suitable spaces in their homes to work from. A cloffice is the perfect solution. It can be closed after work and be out of sight. Some even remove the doors and I must say it look great.

Turning a closet in to an work from home office.
Source: Instagram

This cloffice saves space, but has enough room, to work from in comfort.

When building a DIY cloffice you will need to measure the space required. Once you have your idea it is time to get the materials and start building your home office.

Once you know what you want it is time to start styling your space as per your requirements,

The addition of floating shelving can give you more storage space increasing workspace on your desk.

Home office ideas
Source : Instagram

Another cloffice design from the designers. Making the office space private and separated from living spaces.

Using a laptop or desktop computer can change the design of your cloffice. When making use of a desktop computer you can mount the monitor to the wall freeing up some some valuable desk space and make it look a bit more professional.

Doors can be removed or left, the choice is yours. When the doors are left on you can close your office at the end of the day to be out of sight. Take them of if you want to make it a focal point to your home. Alternatives to the standard doors is to fit glass doors or sliding doors.


Always take lightning into consideration, depending of where the closet which you are making use of is, there might not be enough light. Add a desk light, or even make use of installing a ceiling down light. Most downlights nowadays are led and comes in different options. The popular once used in offices are cool white, with a color temperature between 4000k and 5000K. And to mention these lights are very energy efficient.

Home office seating.

Now that your office is all ready to go. You will need an chair to go with it. Feel free to browse our website for some of our chairs. If you don’t find something there you like you can give us a call. We supply a wide range of seating for your office.