Hybrid Office Furniture Layout.

Need a hybrid office furniture solution?

Hybrid work.

The pandemic has had a massive impact on offices throughout South Africa. Now most companies have staff that work from home and only go to the office once or twice a week. This is called the Hybrid Workplace model. In fact companies finds there employees more productive working from home. Due to this companies are motivating their employees to do so where possible.

Hybrid office furniture.
Hybrid Office Setup

Sometimes there are adjustments to be made at home to setup your office, especially to keep you productive and comfortable. Most companies we deal with daily have taken advantage of this, some had a spare room available to convert into an office while some had made some other adjustments. This actually increased productivity positively where most employers thought it would not. Interruptions are fewer from colleagues, they feel more energized. Some told us they can get an extra bit of sleep which they could not get due to traveling to the office early mornings, this ensures they are fully rested and ready for work.

Office Furniture

Furnishing your office can be tricky. What do I need? Will it fit in the space I have available? What will it cost? These are all important questions for hybrid office furniture. Fortunately we can assist in getting you set up at your space at home affordably. We manufacture and supply custom made office desks that can be designed to suit your hybrid office. A wide range of office chairs is supplies by us, after all some employers even pay for the furniture.

Though some companies supply their staff with older furniture that has been around, this furniture has been around and put aside for a reason, they are old and not working as they should. Here is where we assist. Chair repairs are handled onsite and removes the inconvenience of sitting without a chair for days.

Let us help you get the perfect hybrid office at home.