We supply and install office chair components in Pretoria and surrounding areas. On a daily basis we make use of our office chairs. Using them for 8 hours for some of us even longer periods daily. The moving parts works all day long without us even thinking about it once. Then one morning you get to the office and your chair is not the same height as you left it the previous day or it doesn’t move around freely anymore. Hmm something is strange here, during the day you experience the sinking more and more. Needing to adjust your chair height over and over. Time for a new chair, damn but that is so expensive. I need a chair to support during the workday, maybe we need to replace it. No need to worry, we keep spares for office chairs and repair them cost effectively.

We can replace most office chair components.

Gas Cylinder (Office chair components)

The most commonly used component in an office chair is the gas cylinder. It is the component that works the most carrying our weight. Our replacement gasses are class 3 and higher that can support user weight up to 150Kg. We can supply and fit this office chair component onsite or in our workshop.

200mm Exec Gas
Executive Gas

Base (Chair components)

The office chair base is one of the most important chair components there is. It is the foundation of an office chair. A poor foundation can lead to premature failing and in instances lead to an accident. The 3 most used materials on office chair bases is Nylon, Chrome and Aluminium. They come in various sizes. Even though there are other bases used, this is used in most applications. All our bases comes supplied with new castors included.

Office Chair Base

Nylon Base

Aluminium base

Aluminium Base

Mechanism (Mechanical office chair component)

The office chair mechanism is the mechanical component. It is used for height adjustment on your office chair, it also allows you to tilt the backrest. Various mechanisms are available for chairs. Depending on what your current chair has equipped to it, this is in most cases the most expensive part to replace, but in most cases also the most durable.

Knee Tilt Synchron Mechanism
Knee Tilt Synchro Mechanism
Roma Mechanism
Roma Mechanism

Arms (Office chair components)

Another office chair component that is replaced regularly at our customers is the arms. If you are anything like me, I prefer to have a chair without arms and use my desk for that purpose. But for those who loves to use the arm, they are unfortunately also prone to breaking. Especially if you use them to take your weight when going to sit down. If they break, we have various replacement arms available to replace the broken one. Please note that the arms are sold in sets.

Office chair components
Boomerang Flexi Arm

This is the list of the top 4 office chair components used in repairs that we have done, there are a few more components like the seat and backrest, but they tend to last longer.

Contact us today with you requirements, we can replace all office chair components in Pretoria and surrounding areas onsite if required.

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