Office Chair Maintenance.

Office chair maintenance is no big issue, check it every 4 to 6 months.

Maintenance requirement.

Maintenance shouldn’t take to long. Lay the chair down on a carpet or towel.

Chair maintenance
Office chair maintenance


First check if the castors are moving freely. They tend to clog up with hair and dust that lies on the floor. Dirty wheels make the chair difficult to move around and causes strain on the base.

If the castors is dirty, give it a nice clean with a brush and remove hair and dust from it. This should get the chair moving around nicely again. If the wheels are damaged or has pieces broken off, its best to replace them before they cause further damage to other components. We have stock on most castors. If a replacement is required we can supply or install them for you.

Mechanism and arms service.

Mechanism servicing is simple (The part where the gas cylinder mounts under the seat) tighten the screws. This will require some tools. There are usually four screws for the mechanism and a couple for the arms. Tighten them up nicely, do not over tighten them either. Where the mechanism is noisy a bit of lubricant could do the trick. Activate the gas by pushing the lever. Remove any dust from the mechanism with a brush or cloth.

Gas cylinder

Make sure the gas cylinder is clean of dust and hair. Most times it has a plastic cover (called a bellow) to block most dust from entering. Move the bellow upwards and clean the dust out that may have entered. Replace the gas cylinder if the chair sinks or does not move up and down at all.

Upholstery Cleaning

Wipe the upholstery with a light brush to loosen dust. After brushing use a vacuum cleaner with a soft front piece to vacuum the loosened dust and hair. Please just note that no harsh chemicals should be used on the office chair upholstery. There is usually a little flyer that comes with new chairs that has the cleaning instructions on it.