Office Renovation

Thinking office renovation? Here are some considerations to think about to help it go smoother.

Office renovation
Office renovation planning.

Manufacturing Times.

Most office furniture requires manufacturing, items not in stock or custom furniture can take anything from 1 to 3 weeks. We can discuss this while in the planning phase, if properly planned this will slot in nicely with the renovations and can be ready at the same time.

Furniture Selection

Ensure that furniture will perform all the functional needs you will require from it. Furniture selection that will maintain the flow of your office. If the office is on the smaller side selecting bulky furniture will make it feel cramped, this reduces productivity. Selecting smaller furniture pieces may be the way to go.

Quality Furniture

Selecting quality furniture can be more expensive, but it has all the advantages over cheaper imported products. Ergonomics plays a vital factor when selecting a chair and desks for that matter, especially if you spend long hours on a chair, you need to be comfortable and the chair must have proper posture support. A quality chair reduces neck and back pain, it also removes pressure from your hips and increases blood circulation.

If you are thinking of office renovation, give us a call we can help.