Selecting An New Office Chair.

Winston Range Office Chair
Netting back office chair

Selecting an new office chair cannot be that complicated right? You need a chair to sit on to work or play. We often have a look at a chair and like the look of it. Make the purchase and of we go, only to find after some time, it is not so comfortable as we thought it would be.

The most important factor when purchasing a chair should be comfort. Is it going to be comfortable for a hour or two, or is it going to be comfortable for the duration of the time you are going to spend on it. Not everybody is using a office or gaming chair for 8 hours straight, but for those of us who do, we need a chair that is going to do the job.

With various types of chairs on the market, how will I know?

Below is a list of questions you need to ask when selecting a new office chair.

  • Do I use my chair for extended periods of time?
  • Midback office chair or High back?
  • Headrest or no headrest?
  • Arms or not?
  • Height of the desk? If the chair is too high and fitted with arms it may not go under or over the desk.
  • Do I want a leather, material or netting back chair?
  • Does my weight affect the choice of chair I can buy? (More on this at a later stage.
  • Is the chair going to fit with my office?
  • Is there a warranty?
  • What type of chair do I really need? There are so many to choose from.

We can list some more questions, but the bottom line is purchasing a office chair is not always as easy as we think. Fortunately you can speak to our experienced sales team to guide you.