Sinking office chair

Do you have a sinking office chair? Don’t worry; you’re not alone! A sinking office chair can be a real frustration, but there are steps you can take to repair it and restore your comfort and help your seat stay up. We will walk you through the process of fixing a sinking office chair, so you can get back to focusing on your work without constantly readjusting your seat.

Chair maintenance for sinking office chair
Sinking office chair

Identify The Issue.

The first step in repairing a sinking office chair is to identify the issue. Typically, a sinking chair is caused by a faulty gas cylinder, which is responsible for adjusting the chair’s height. It’s essential to pinpoint this as the issue before proceeding with any repairs. While a faulty gas cylinder is the most common culprit, other factors can also contribute to a sinking office chair.

Remove Chair Gas Cylinder From The Mechanism.

Find a suitable work area that is safe from obstructions that can hurt you or cause damage to your office chair, preferably work on a soft surface like a carpet or a cover. Wear gloves to protect you hands and to assist in getting better grip on your tools. Remember safety comes first.

Place the office chair on it’s side and remove the office chair gas cylinder from the mechanism under the seat. Remove the gas cylinder, then you can proceed and remove the gas cylinder from the office chair base. A bit of lubricant will come in handy to remove the gas cylinder from both sides.

Replace With a New Gas Cylinder.

Before replacing the new gas cylinder ensure that you are using the correct replacement gas cylinder. Fitting a sub standard gas cylinder will prematurely fail and will need replacement shortly after, costing more than getting quality products the first time around. Have a look at our available office chair gas cylinders. We only sell and install quality BIFMA approved components. Our gas cylinders are class 4 and the best quality available in the market.

Ensure the length and stroke are correct. If the wrong gas is selected your chair will either be to high or to low for your desk. You can now replace the cylinder in reverse order.

Test Your Office Chair.

Once installation is completed, test the chair’s lift mechanism by sitting on it and raising and lowering the seat several times. Ensure that the movement is smooth. Once you are happy you can start using your chair normally again.

Alternatively, if you’re not comfortable performing these repairs yourself, you can contact us to change your gas cylinder onsite. Our professional technicians can provide expert assistance to ensure your office chair is in perfect working condition.

By following these steps or reaching out to our us, you can repair your sinking office chair and regain the comfort and support you need for productive workdays. Don’t let a sinking office chair keep you down – fix it and get back to work, pain-free!

If you don’t feel comfortable replacing your chair gas on your own, you can request an onsite office chair repair service with us. Alternatively you can also bring your chair for an repair to our workshop.