Office Chair Service Parts.

Repairing or Office chair service parts is used when one or more components on a office chair is replaced. Can be an castor replacement or more substantial repairs which include the following components . Base, Gas, Mechanism, Arms, Seat, Backrest and even upholstery replacement on the chair.

Office chair service and repairs Centurion
Boardroom gas replacement Centurion

Chair repair components.

When having your office chair components replaced it is best practice to replace it with approved quality components. There are various alternative cheap import components available in the furniture market, we refrain from sourcing this as it can lead to premature failing and in some instances can cause dame or worse injuries to the operator. All components are all BIFMA approved to ensure you get the best quality replacement components for your office chair.

Office chair servicing

We replace faulty components and look for the source of failure and advise during the repair or servicing of office chairs. Additionally, we perform checks to ensure that every bolt holding the mechanism is secured, arms are tightened, and castors are checked for mobility. Standard cleaning included. Seat foam condition is often missed by operators, this makes the chair feel hard as you sit almost directly on the plywood. We check and advise the condition, and if needed we can fit new seat foam and upholstery. This can unfortunately not be conducted onsite, we need the office chair for a couple of days.

Chair Upholster
Reupholstered chair with new seat foam.